A 2-day course for anybody who needs to be able to generate new and useful ideas –

on demand


Creative thinking is the process of generating new and useful ideas, going beyond the usual field of vision and exploring new ideas in order to improve strategy effectiveness.  The brain is stimulated to make new associations and connections, thus creating original thoughts.

This course will enable you to identify your own personal creative thinking style in order to be more creative in your everyday working environment. You will learn how to explore new ideas and « think outside  the box » in order to find original solutions and imprive strategy effectiveness.

You will acquire the tools, tricks and tips enabling you to harness your individul creativity, extend your field of vision and explore new ideas in order to improve  your strategy effectiveness



-          Exploring the intuitive approach to innovation

-          Structuring  ideas and transforming them into action

-          Identifying a challenge and bringing it to life

-          Generating innovation – acquiring a creative thought process

-          Transforming average ideas into great ideas !

-          Using your imaginiation, eliminating negative reactions

-          Turning ideas into solutions

-          Identifying sources of support/resistance


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