A 1-day course for all those who have to save time,

improve efficiency and productivity during meetings



Meetings are an essential part of everyday businesses life.   However, they often get bogged down in details, hidden agendas or personal rivalry which waste not only time but money for your company.

This course will enable you to acquire the skills required  to successfully prepare, run and report on purposeful and constructive meetings.



  • Preparing the meeting 
    • Objectives
    • Invitation :  agenda, agenda, objectives, duration and rules of the game
    • Tools : paper, PowerPoint, Prezi …
    • Each speaker’s role and time allocation
  • During the meeting
    • Structuring and driving constructive discussions
    • Encouraging questions while knowing how to answer them
    • Maintaining control in order to attain established goals
    • Avoiding clashes, ego conflicts, bitterness …
  • Following the meeting
    • Writing short, clear minutes
    • Drawing up effective action plans :
      • Who does what ?
      • With which means ?
      • In which timeframe ?


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