A 2-day open course designed for those required to

manage transversal projects



Managing a transversal project is often a matter of trying to reconcile the irreconcilable :

  • Bringing together people not used to working together
  • Setting goals and sticking to them, despite the differences and tensions

This course will enable you to manage not only the project but also the people involved, to understand how to motivate them in order to get the most from them over the long term.



As the problems encountered when managing projects are similar to those faced when piloting an airliner, the course is run by a « media acting » specialist togther with a civil aviation airline pilot who will enable you to :

Enhance your awareness of

  • The challenges, risks and stakes involved
  • The need to get team members to pull together


Manage stress, workload and behavioural differences

Identify and highlight the positive aspects of each team member

Stay “in flight” and on track in all circumstances


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