A 2-day open course for all managers

who need to improve communication with their teams



Managing people can be daunting and managers often need to communicate better with their teams in order to improve their relationship with them.   During this his course, you will acquire the tools and techniques required to make yourself understood, securing the bridges of communication and building the trust required to ensure an effective exchange with your team members – no matter what the situation.

Thanks to our exclusive Soft Power technique, you will learn to enhance your power of conviction in order to become an excellent communicator.



Understand yourself in order to understand your team

  • What is your role ?
  • What is their perception of you ?
  • What do they expect from you?


Communicate with – not to – your team

  • From active listening to understanding listening
  • Non-verbal messages : posture and gestures can convey – or betray !
  • Improvising to keep the lead : think fast and react !
  • Supporting your message despite questions or objections
  • Arguing rather than justifying



All Personnalité courses

can be tailored to address your company’s specific needs.

We also offer personalised coaching for individual requirements.

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