A 1 ½  course for all those who need to save time,

improving efficiency and productivity during meetings



Plutarch said that “for those who aspire to great things, having time is possessing the most valuable asset.”  Today, it is recognized that “time is money

This course will enable you to control the egg-timer in order to :

-          Avoid getting side-tracked

-          Understand the problems caused by poor time management

-          Acquire the tools and techniques required to delegate effectively

-          Be able to say “no”



Based on your own experiences, this course will enable you to :

  • Identify your own personal “time-eaters”
  • Prioritize your priorities
  • Make the most of  your time
  • Resist under pressure
  • Develop alternative action plans


All Personnalité courses

can be tailored to address your company’s specific needs.

We also offer personalised coaching for individual requirements.

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