A one-day course for anybody whose role includes

« meeting the press »


In today’s digital age, news travels fast – very fast !  Whatever you say can make or break the reputation of your company, cause the share price to soar or plummet, generate or kill business.

The key to a successful interview ?  Preparation !

This course will enable you to understand the different types of media and how print, television, radio or on-line journalists operate  in order to obtain a newsworthy story.   You will be put on the spot in real-life situations,  acquiring the confidence required to give impactful interviews and get your key messages over while remaining calm and professional.


  • Prepare for interviews as you would for a sporting event : intensively
    • Understanding the context and the journalist’s standpoint
    • Identifying the audience(s) in order to get the desired message accross
    • Foreseeing the « traps » in order to successfully overcome them – and turn them to your advantage
    • Winning the journalist – and the audience – over to your  side
    • Don’t be afraid of blanks in the conversation – it’s the journalist’s role to fill them

                           What you say …

      • You have a few seconds to convince :  Ice breaking and “hook” techniques
      • Be short, sweet and clear : don’t let details get in the way
      • Speak « from the heart » to gain in credibility

                          … and what you don’t say

      • Use your eyes, your face and your gestures to back up what you say, convey the required emotions
  • Practice giving interviews
    • With a journalist
    • In the spotlight, in front of a camera and a microphone


This is an open course.

All Personnalité courses

can be tailored to address your company’s specific needs.

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