A one-day course for those who have already had some practice

in giving press interviews



In certain critical situations, getting the right message across via the media is of the utmost importance.  Every word you say, every gesture you make are scrutinized by the general public, your shareholders, staff and clients … at home and abroad.

Whether your story is positive or negative, the way you deliver it will make all the difference and sway the opinion in – or against – your favour.

You will be prepared to deal with the different types of media and their demands : face to face, over the ‘phone, live or pre-recorded … whether there is just one journalist or if you have to address a press conference.

No matter how demanding the situation, you will learn how to keep cool and remain in control under all circumstances.



  • Theory : a reminder of key interview rules
    • How to develop message content
    • How to get it over
    • How to express it (facial expressions, gestures)
  • Pratice : real-life situations
      • During a crisis
      • Direct/pre-recorded interviews
      • Dealing with agressive or incompetent journalists, difficult or hostile questions
      • Keeping calm and remaining focused
      • Saying what you can – not saying what you can‘t !
      • Not allowing yourself to be destabilized or brought into an argument
      • Defending your point of view during a debate
      • Techniques for mprovising  – or even destabilizing the journalist