A 2-day open course for anyone who has to make

impactful presentations



When asked what they are most scared of, many businesspeople do not reply « snakes » or heights » but … « speaking in public » !  Yet, every time you make a presentation, you have an unequalled opportunity to get your message across to a potential customer, a group of colleagues, your Board or even a large, unknown audience.   This course will provide you with the tools, hints and tips which will enable you to develop your own, unique style in order to deliver lively and memorable presentations.



-          Understanding what to expect in front of an audience

-          Overcoming stagefright

-          Understanding yourself and adapting to the audience

-          Being aware of cultural codes and pitfalls to avoid

-          Grabbing and retaining the audience’s attention

-          Using body language to reinforce your message and build a bridge of communication with the audience

-          Using eye contact to capture and retain attention

-          Using your voice to ban monotony, create suspense, reinforce your message

-          Creating visuals to reinforce your arguments

-          Going out with a bang !

-          Answering questions, coping with  troublemakers and awkward questions



Monday 14th & Tuesday15th March 2016 (9am-6.5pm)

Monday 21st & Tuesday 22nd November 2016 (9am-6.5pm)


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