A 1-day individual coaching session for any manager or executive who wants to enhance his/her image in order to communicate appropriately



Like it or not, you will always be judged in business by how you look : what you wear, how you are groomed and, especially, if you are appropriately reflecting your company image.   After a day together with an image consultant, you will be more aware of your appearance, adapting your unique personal style to the needs of your industry, your company and to  different occasions.  Knowing that you are conveying the best image at all times, you will have more confidence in yourself and in your interpersonal skills in order to feel at ease and communicate effectively under all circumstances.




Your image and how others relate to it

  • Be aware of how others see you – and the image you wish to convey to them
  • The language of colours : more neutral for conservative sectors or brighter for creative industries


Integrate company and industry values but don’t lose your identity!

  • How to stay unique while being “corporate”
  • Integrate the colour code of your company while retaining your personality


Enhance your figure and highlight your assets

  • Identify your personal style et get rid of hang-ups to feel comfortable and confident
  • Choose your business wardrobe with care

Put on your brightest face !

  • Whether you are a man or a woman, when you speak, all attention will be on your face – so ensure it is always well groomed, refreshed and subtly enhanced



This individual coaching session is

tailored to individual requirements.

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