A 2-day open course (in French) for anyone who wishes to use storytelling techniques to get their message across



Everybody connects to a good story, remembers a book or a movie.   Run by Personnalité’s Training Manager and a Journalist specialised in visual aids for two leading French TV channels, this course looks at how this « connection » can be recreated when giving presentations :

-          From the written to the spoken

-          From the spoken to the story

-          From the story to the image

-          From the image to the message

As none of these steps can be improvised, the participants will acquire the specific techniques required to produce effective, captivating presentations, convincing, motivating and informing the audience by mastering visual aids.



-          Defining your goals

-          Structuring your presentation :  the plan

-          Writing the storyboard

-          Turning your ideas into words

-          Telling a story :  what you say and how you say it

-          Ensuring that your listener relates immediately to what you are saying and what you want to convey

-          Visual aids :  using graphics successfully ; the tricks and tools for creating effective images


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