Media Acting

Media Acting© is the unique method that shapes our trainings. It is based on the interaction of multicultural trainers from:

·         The stage (actors, theatre directors, singers)

·         The media (television, online, press and radio journalists)


We offer this exclusive method in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.


Our trainers specialize in 3 vectors of communication:

  • Non-verbal communication with stage directors and body language experts
    (occupation of space, behaviours, postures, gazes, gestures, etc.)

  • The spoken word with actors, opera singers and voice coaches
    (voice, tone, word delivery, etc.)

  • The structuring of your discourse with journalists
    (establishing priorities, organizing arguments, development, conclusion, maintaining control during aggressive questioning …)


A practical method that produces concrete results

Using role playing and interactive exercises, our method is based on

« Training – Action »

80 % practice + 20 % theory = 100 % efficiency !

We show participants how to master and to put into practice basic communication tools with forceful, efficient and entertaining exercices. By watching the videos of their exercices, they are the first witnesses of their own progress.

Gradually, we apply our methods to real professional situations showing each participant how to apply our communication tools to their own professional personality and business environment.


We look forward to meeting with you soon so you can see for yourself how our methods will best work for you!